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Dentistry - LP1

Dentistry - LP1

Good Company Records

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Dentistry is the dual energies of Rory Glacken and Jack Burton, Boorloo originals now living in Naarm. The pair have previously released an EP, “Ribbons,” on their own Deep Water label, and a track on its local showcase comp “Greenhouse Vol. I” at the end of 2021. This transmission is their debut full length offering, channeled through hometown beacon Good Company Records.

“LP1” was created in unusual conditions between September and December of 2020, when the duo’s shared Northcote studio became a site of remote collaboration. One person would start working on a track and leave the session open for the other, with no overlap of physical space shared. Responding to an invitation from GCR to make a record, the initial impulse was to write dance music. But what dance floor were these incorporeal partners writing for?

The album takes a spectral approach to the dance space, wrapping up air in a strata of textural tech, pulsing dub house and fractal illbience. Drawing on dub production techniques, "LP1" combines the structure of an ambient record with intricate percussive elements. Results are both atmospheric and material, abstract and palpable: a synthesis which expresses sonic relations of surface and depth, with the correlating mirage of light and shadow.

At times tinkering methodically and others in mercurial lurch, there is an immediacy to this album that stems from the way it was produced, using a mixing desk and outboard gear to rich and living effect. When we listen, we commune with the artists in the heat of working out of an otherworldly space, and feel every tweak and and turn. “LP1” is a current which carries the substance of process in communicable form. Intuitive and moving, breathing, dancing.

1. bdw [04:21]
2. reflector [05:10]
3. dent idea [05:26]
4. warrigal dub interlude [03:41]
5. 250 reffe [06:58]
6. coral reefer [09:29]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Good Company Records
Catalog: GCR014
Released: July 2022
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Downtempo / Dub