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De Nooit Moede - De Nooit Moede

De Nooit Moede - De Nooit Moede

Kontakt Group

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 Old sound, new group. Belgian style, big tip!

"After they shook hands, the walls started closing in.
Fatigue kicked in, but De Nooit Moede decided to keep up appearances.
Time for coffee, or an alcohol-free beer. Pretending without pretense.
After all, the grass is always greener on the fool's side.

De Nooit Moede is a six-headed formation conducted by Victor De Roo, with
guitarist-vocalist Jente Waerzeggers, bass player Ferre Marnef, and singers Eva Kleeven, Felix Poffé and Arthur Roels. This debut EP is the first outing of the Kontakt Group (KG001). It was mixed in collaboration with techno demigod David Morley, mastered by Mathieu Savenay and graphically designed by Emile De Geyndt."

1. Smeekbeden 02:59
2. Nattigheid 02:55
3. Lantaarnpalen 03:56
4. Onbehagen 02:22

Format: 12-inch Vinyl
Label: Kontakt Group
Catalog: KG001
Released: December 2020
Genre: Wave / Screwball / Alternative