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CV Vision – The Beach

CV Vision – The Beach

South of North

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Sometimes it only takes a short getaway to the beach at the beginning of a new romance to open your heart to the wonders of the universe. On this record CV Vision taps into the ebb and flow of the sea, the cycle of coastal processes, and repositions the library sounds he’s mastered so well somewhere on the other side of the bay.

White noise washes like gentle waves up against analog synths and acoustic guitars, while the full spectrum of holiday possibilities are reflected: Surf’s Up (Let’s Trip) captures that roadtrip excitement, albeit with some psychedelic twist. But it’s not all sunshine - CV Vision makes sure to show the grey clouds too, with the sweet melancholy of Rainy Days.

Somewhere between dune rides and underwater dives, camp fires and sunsets, CV Vision captures a weekend at the beach in song. After a short moment of reflection (and some hallucinatory assistance), he wrote the lyrics and pieced the record together in the following weeks, to create what you have in your hands now.

Instrumental interludes brush up against ballads and field recordings, to paint a wonderfully rich audio postcard from deep within CV Vision’s heart.

A1. Intro (Weekend At The Beach) [01:14]
A2. Car Theme [00:07]
A3. Surfs Up! [03:08]
A4. At The Beach I (Rainy Days) [03:19]
A5. At The Beach II (Sophie's Sunset) [03:59]
B1. Reef (Looks Different Today) [06:00]
B2. Hit-Kings Theme [00:50]
B3. Dune Ride (What A Ride!) [05:05]
B4. Camp Fire Desire Theme [00:31]
B5. Over Yonder (Camp Fire Desire) [03:37]
B6. Outro (A Beautiful Weekend) [02:32]
Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: South of North
Catalog: SONLP-008
Released: November 2021
Genre: Avantgarde, Psychedelic Rock