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CV Vision - In Time

CV Vision - In Time

South of North

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With relationships, as with music, timing is everything. When the elements sit together in the pocket, it just feels right - and that groove can’t be forced. Lovers and players can fall in and out of time, depending on the rhythms of their lives, and how they react in the moment. In the end, we’re simply either in sync or not - because Time plays its beat on all our hearts without exception.

1. Should I Tame My Endless Mind 02:57
2. I Will Be Gone 01:24
3. A Sparrow 00:18
4. My Autumn Has Come 01:18
5. 1+2=3 02:55
6. Emit Ni 00:12
7. In Time 02:53

Format: 10-inch Vinyl EP
Label: South of North
Catalog: SON10-001
Released: May 2021
Genre: Leftfield / Psych Rock / Dub