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Colman - Daedalus

Colman - Daedalus

Musique Plastique

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Like the wings Daedalus crafted for his son Icarus, John Gilbert Colman’s score for sampler, voice and chamber orchestra almost melted away completely, disappearing into the tides of time. The album originally served as the score to an avant-garde production of the Greek myth that toured the Belgian theatre circuit in 1986. Director Guy Cassiers cast the play with 45 developmentally disabled actors enrolled at the Krauwelenhof school in Antwerp, working for six months with the young actors (aged 12-17) to discover and develop their talents, creating (by all accounts) a deeply moving piece of visual theatre. Rather than using dialogue, Cassier used movement, costumes and music tell the fable, words were only present as text fragments within the score, spoken by members of the chorus or sung by Rolande van Der Paal. Colman’s compositions elevate the experimental narrative with broad shifts in mood, utilizing a pop-concrète style by incorporating sampled squeaking balloons, environmental recordings, tuned percussion, drum computer, and voice to accompany the traditional small chamber instrumentation. The music is reminiscent of other avant-theatrical pieces from that era by Nuno Canavarro, Milesi & Bacalov, Todd Barton, Vito Ricci and Roberto Musci, while standing on its own as a unique and moving piece of minimal music.

1. Wings Unfolding [07:25]
2. Forest Of Axes [02:54]
3. Sails Unfurled [02:39]
4. Glass Labyrinth [04:13]
5. Ambulant Sculptures [02:46]
6. Wings Unfolding (Part Two) [03:27]
7. Hot Air Balloon [03:49]
8. Empty Sky [03:15]
9. Fallen Angel [01:54]
10. Inside These Walls [06:20]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Musique Plastique
Catalog: MP 003
Released: April 2019
Genre: Avant-garde / classical / electronic