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Chaotic Reality - Human Potential Movement

Chaotic Reality - Human Potential Movement

Chaotic Reality

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“Human Potential Movement” is the second release from Chaotic Reality since his first self-released 12” “CHREAL01” which received support from Samuel Valenti (Ghostly), Project Pablo, Eclair Fifi, Coby Sey (Whities) and Telfort. In this follow up EP, Chaotic Reality takes the genre trance literally, exploring deeper meditative themes on a canvas of 4/4 dub techno.

Influences like Shinichi Atobe, Ciel, Newworldaquarium, Sensual Physics and Fluxion creep into a hypnotic three-track EP.

A1. Human Potential Movement 13:00
B1. Chaotic Theme 05:56
B2. Utica Avenue Prerequiem 05:05

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Chaotic Reality
Catalog: CHREAL02
Released: April 2019
Genre: Techno / Electro