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Cass. – Ambient Music For A Young Girl

Cass. – Ambient Music For A Young Girl

Growing Bin Records

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After a year of enforced isolation, we’ve all become experts at introspection. After all if the outlook is grim, why not look inwards instead? Just don’t be surprised when all that naval gazing gives you a bellyache. Luckily, Cass. is back on the Growing Bin with the beguiling beauty of ‘Ambient Music For A Young Girl’, a soothing set which demands your full attention.

In the era of deserted dance floors, when the house and techno crowd export uninspired ambient to keep the streams flowing, Cass. offers an alternative approach to slow listening straight from the heart. Niklas came to Basso with a wealth of sensuous sounds to curate for a new LP, and these six expressionistic vignettes sit together like paintings at an exhibition. All born from the same brush but varied in tone, texture, mood and approach, they achieve an immersive effect without ever fading into the background. Sonic synonyms of Rothko, Turrell and Kapoor, each imbued with hidden depth, each utterly compelling, each conveying a profound calm.

Escape your ego with some foreground music.

- Patrick Ryder


A1. Daydream Daydream [07:29]
A2. Snow Stills [05:47]
A3. Dooley [04:18]
B1. Hey Sun [08:05]
B2. Waling [07:03]
B3. Female Energy [03:38]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Growing Bin Records
Catalog: GBR032
Released: August 2021
Genre: Ambient / Electronic / Downtempo