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Cale Sexton - Melondrama

Cale Sexton - Melondrama

Butter Sessions

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The debut LP from Butter Sessions mainstay Cale Sexton! Last seen on the imprint with his club-minded EP East Link in 2016, Melondrama accumulates over 12 months work in the studio.

Having taken a step back from live performance, the album is a marination of Sexton’s musicianship, flexing his abilities as a bass-man, and incorporating live instrumentation and drenched arrangements to tell a vivid story. With the new found freedom of playing for himself, his inspired creations span electro-synth, deep milky way ambience and mutant drum machine funk. Produced as a solo act from the bass up, he’s only accompanied on Previous Employee, with drums, synth and FX from Maryouss. His zonked imagination is brought to clarity by Corey Kikos’ final mix, further animated via Ben Jones’ sleeve design.

Full of emotion and adventure, the nine patiently durational earworms on Melondrama are a welcome antidote to the deluge of modern electronica that’s designed for speed listening. Find a comfortable seat and let the mind travel.

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Butter Sessions
Catalog: BSR018
Released: August 2018
Genre: Synth-wave / Atmospheric Electronix