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Buttechno - Super Siziy King

Buttechno - Super Siziy King

The Trilogy Tapes

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From Resident Advisor:

Like many experimental musicians, Pavel Milyakov has broad tastes. As he once told INRUSSIA, he listens to "Japanese noise, 1980s computer music, musique concrète and spoken word poetry." It's not uncommon to hear dance music artists talk admiringly of esoteric genres, but the curiosity for the avant-garde is often not reflected in what they make. As Buttechno, Milyakov is a notable exception. 

Whatever the styles on Super Siziy King, Milyakov's eccentric touch is usually clear. It's most obviously expressed on the title track, where two surreal vocals—a baritone and a timid whine, like two drunks at last orders—whimper, slur and shout in Russian over a cheeky guitar-picked loop. "Metallo," another strange club track, is a web of scrapyard one-shots with a 4/4 spine. Other tracks resemble the UK club reductions we've seen lately from artists like Bruce and Parris. "S Dub" uses delays to stretch guitar strings and knocking sounds over kicks and congas. There's even less to "K4," a skinny shell of syncopations made from instruments you'd find in a kitchen drawer. As DJ tools and rhythm experiments they're compelling, but maybe a little too bare to love. 

Psychedelic splashes of colour make for Super Siziy King's wooziest passages. On the EP's longest track, "Poleva," pop radio clips spin in a carousel of electronic keys and bright glissando. There's an affectionate warmth, too, in "Mr Heroin"'s reverb-glazed folk guitar and spoken word, but it turns out to be illusory. Scrapes of violin grind the track's narcotic glide to a halt.

A1. Mr Heroin 
A2. S Dub 
A3. K4 
B1. Poleva 
B2. Metallo 
B3. Super Siziy King

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: The Trilogy Tapes
Catalog: TTT063
Released: October 2017
Genre: Techno / Ambient / Experimental