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Bogdan Dražić - Dangnabbit

Bogdan Dražić - Dangnabbit

The Trilogy Tapes

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"Bogdan Drazic's two debut EPs for Giallo Disco, a pair of monumentally aggressive EBM/techo deviations, were good enough to capture the attention of Will Bankhead's TTT stable, propelling the artist onto a new stage, with a new set of listeners. In fairness, Bankhead has picked some pretty 'out-there' material from Drazic, with the opening "Nang Nubia" being a marvellously twisted whirlpool of techno and metallic power-core, followed by the quirky mechanics of "Goa, Goa, Gone". For the flip, Bogdan delivers "Jack Dat Wabbit", a more bass-heavy stomper with a supremely off-kilter groove under its hood, whereas "Trip This Joint" waves its heavy folds of bass over a broken, disJOINTed medley of beats. Lush."

1. Nang Nubia 
2. Goa, Goa, Gone 
3. Jack Dat Wabbit
4. Trip This Joint

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: The Trilogy Tapes
Catalog: TTT068
Released: June 2018
Genre: EBM / New Beat / Electronic