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Bélver Yin - Luz Bel

Bélver Yin - Luz Bel

Efficient Space

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Bélver Yin's soul mining odysseys have been unjustly overlooked for three decades. An anomaly in the Spanish alt-pop scene, their forlorn instrumentals and ethereal romanticism would have struck a chord in the British league of Felt, The Chameleons, Cocteau Twins and Dif Juz, leaving their 1991 debut Luz Bel deserving of reappraisal.

While coining their band name from a Jesús Ferrero novel and quoting Laozi philosophy on album sleeves, Bélver Yin create illuminating textures that unlock a wordless language of memory and adolescent emotion. Formed in Salamanca by self-taught musicians Pedro Ortega Sánchez and José María Martín, the guitar-bass duo spent two years crafting their divine interplay with interim drummers before submitting a demo to Noisex Music, their only attempt at label courting. The phone rang mere days later with owner and producer Bernar Marks (Dust Sessions) offering to cut an album and the band ventured to Valencia with cloud-touching optimism soon after.

Championed by local press, the release fell short of expectation, fueling the mythology of a vanished band known only to the initiated. Varying lineups would, however, continue to work in the shadows under Pedro's direction, recording two spatially arranged follow-ups at their own pace in 1996 and 2005.

A glorious debut that undeniably set a high watermark, Luz Bel is finally available again, faithfully remastered by Mikey Young and featuring bilingual liner notes from John Gómez, the authoritative ear behind Outro Tempo.

1. Relatos de Praga 04:14 
2. Por Una No Clara Razón 04:27 
3. Días de Infancia 04:44 
4. Decay 04:27 
5. La Vida Está En Otra Parte 04:22 
6. Faints 05:57 
7. Atardecer 04:10 
8. Otoño 04:51 
9. Pétalos y Cenizas 04:51

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Efficient Space
Catalog: ES016
Released: July 2020 
Genre: Shoegaze / Dream Pop / Alternative