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Bartosz Kruczyński & Poly Chain - Pulses

Bartosz Kruczyński & Poly Chain - Pulses

Into The Light

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For the second instance in their international parallel series, Into The Light Records treat us with seven lush, rich and warm recordings by currently Warsaw-based producers Sasha Zakrevska (Poly Chain) and Bartosz Kruczyński.

Soon after releasing their debut albums - Baltic Beat’ and ‘Music For Candy Shops’ - and realizing similar interests and traits in their solo music, Zakrevska and Kruczyński sketched out a plan for an album and live performance. The record is to a large extent fashioned after the show, with most of the tracks performed live and edited down. ’Pulses’ is a result of hours spent in studio with a minimal set-up of Prophet ’08, Moog Sub 37 and Korg Minilogue; The work present their mutual attraction to minimal synth, repetitive arpeggios and drone music. A perfect blend of poly-rhythmic patterns, ambient textures and beat-less acid moments by one of the most fresh and unique collaborations!

1. Jacana 05:04
2. Solacious 06:14
3. Quietism 06:05
4. Xenolalia 07:01
5. Fluxional 05:09
6. Velicious 05:13
7. Echolalia 03:45

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Into the Light
Catalog: ITLIntl02
Released: 2019
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Berlin-school