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Anthony Naples – Fog FM

Anthony Naples – Fog FM


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Per Oli Warwick over at RA:

"Smoky house and techno inspired by radio listening.

On each of his albums, Anthony Naples seems to have a distinct purpose in mind. 2015's Body Pill revelled in dishevelled house laden with blurts of primal synths, and last year's stellar Take Me With You came together as a mixtape inspired by that cosy hour with your best friends after the club. Naples describes his latest LP, Fog FM, as a "house music transmission… from a station out of place and time," the results of which offer something different from his past endeavours. The exact impact of radio on Fog FM is debatable, but there's a cosy, intimate atmosphere that calls to mind the often private experience of radio listening. The mood has a smoky, internal quality geared towards eyes-closed reverie. This is definitely music crafted for the club, but it's also pointedly deep, recalling the kind of rich, immersive techno explored in recent years by the likes of HVL."

A1. A.I.R.
A2. Fog FM
B1. Purple Iris
B2. Benefit
B3. Channel 2
C1. Lucy's
C2. Unhygenix
C3. Channel 3
D1. I'll Follow You
D2. Aftermath AM

Format: 2 x 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: ANS
Catalog: ANS3000
Released: 2019
Genre: Techno / Tech House / House / Ambient /Deep House