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Andras - Corn / Dust

Andras - Corn / Dust


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The second release on Andras' tongue-twisting label Punp Records. Corn opens with a minute of hard-panned stereo banjo; a deep bassline close on it’s boots. Dust* strikes a more sombre note - the distant bleep of a doof lost in a cloud of red dirt and radioactive fallout. Rave whistles or Geiger counter clicks? Seal the doors and take a Landcruiser tempo tour of a contaminated atomic test site. High fructose samples from the frozen food isle. Hot-music that’s still cold in the middle.

All songs written and published by Andrew Wilson.
Recorded in Melbourne, Australia. Art by Art.

*Dust is dedicated to Alan Parkinson, a whistleblower who helped expose the woefully inadequate clean-up of radioactive debris at the Maralinga Atomic test site, part of the Woomera Prohibited Area in South Australia, on Anangu Country. “Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap”. 

A. Corn (123 BPM)

B. Dust (132 BPM)

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: PUNP
Catalog: PUNP-02
Released: 2017
Genre: House / Electronic / Club