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Anders and - Love

Anders and - Love

Brown Fat

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The Danish born, Stockholm based house producer Anders serves up his debut release — Love on 12” vinyl. 

A rich patchwork of influences have made up his exotic sound, along with the artists’ experience in living and studying in london for 7 years, where he developed a raw style that fuses complex jazz, african drumming and blissed out ambient grooves together into something refreshingly original. 

the Love mini album takes you on a journey through a range of musical timbres, meticulously arranged acoustic samples into complex blends of sound, with surgical precision yet raw and rough production methods. the artist has re-contextualised lost snippets of gospel and soul within this record, with a keen interest in expression through rhythm and organic percussion. the album has been influenced by everything from primal ethnic music, jazz and soul, through house and techno, all the way to textural ambient. 

1. (0034) I Hold the Lord
2. (0013) Future Predictions 
3. (0011) Don't Forget
4. (0019) Love 
5. (0003) More Love
6. (0015) The Coastal Bar 

Format: 12-inch Mini-LP
Label: Brown Fat
Catalog: BROWN002
Released: 2017
Genre: Deep House / Electronica