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The Skirt Chronicles - Issue 6
The Skirt Chronicles - Issue 6
The Skirt Chronicles - Issue 6
The Skirt Chronicles - Issue 6

The Skirt Chronicles - Issue 6

The Skirt Chronicles

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The Skirt Chronicles was founded by Sarah de Mavaleix, Sofia Nebiolo and Haydée Touitou as a collaborative platform with the ambition of creating a community which celebrates diverse cultures and generations. It is a publication founded by women which reflects a feminine voice yet does not exclude anyone from the conversation. The Skirt Chronicles won the editor of the year prize at the Stack Awards 2018.

Three years ago, the three of us started a magazine and launched it on March 2nd, 2017. There were so many people that evening at Librarie Yvon Lambert—crowds overflowing on rue Vieille du Temple—that we could not even find each other. As our readership grew, so did the number of pages and contributors. There were not always six months between issues, but there were always two volumes a year.

Three years later and with great pleasure, we present Volume VI, dedicated to a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. A magazine first imagined without rules, we have now found ourselves with two recipes, a beauty section, and a seasonal horoscope column. You will also find your favorites: Drawing Matters, Family Portrait, Addresses, and Flipskirt. Beyond these staples, this issue also invites you to play solitaire online, slurp on the foam, make a video call, pick up dahlias, and find out what your fetish truly is.

176 pp, Softcover
Published by The Skirt Chronicles, 2020
22 x 15 cm