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Pablo's Eye - Dark Matter

Pablo's Eye - Dark Matter

Stroom TV

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Following the releases of the vinyl compilation Spring Break and the maxi 12” compilation Bardo for Pablo, Dark Matter is part 3 in the Pablo’s Eye trilogy of selected works on Stroom. 

More than anything, Pablo’s Eye is a temporary atmosphere, like a taste or a dream… 

“Then there is the sound of silence. Usually, it would be true to say that there is no such thing as silence; no matter where you are, you will always hear the sound of your heartbeat & the blood rushing through your veins. 
I was a sound pioneer. As the alchemist mixed material & chemicals in the hope of creating new substances, so I mixed sounds and silences in the hope of creating new sites for infinite meditation. New forms. Instead of marshalling sounds into an arrangement that required attention, I began to think about the sounds themselves. I began to think of the future.” 
From The Velvet Gentleman by Richard Skinner, Faber & Faber 2014. Printed with permission of the author.

1. Worship & Passion 
2. More Hesitant Than Before 
3. Different Observers 
4. She Would Stand Alone 
5. He Closed His Eyes 
6. When You Were Asleep 
7. L.A. Desert 
8. She Told Him The News 
9. Tamil Nadu 
10. A Pagan Use 
11. Out Of The Corner Of Her Eye 
12. Loisaida Dub 

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Stroom TV
Catalog: STRLP-022
Released: January 2019
Genre: Alternative / Ambient / Screwball