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Things of worth happening around Perth. 
Here are but a few:


A special collaborative project between our friends at MAN-TLE and Perth based ceramic artist Sonja Danilovic (aka So Lé Ceramics), launches this weekend at Shop Man-tle. 
With incense holders as her working brief, Sonja lends her artful touch to a brand new range of dishes and ceramic mounts suitable for both sticks, cones and mosquito coils alike.

Make your way down to Northbridge this Friday evening for the opening reception and secure one for the home or office ASAP. It should go without saying that plenty other beautiful homewares and sartorial solutions await you at the top of the stairs at 266 too.

Friday September 13, 5 - 8pm
Shop Man-tle, 266 William st, Perth.


Neighbo(u)r Gallery.

From William street, head east towards Claisebrook for your second stop of the evening; Neighbo(u)r - a collaborative art project led by Ta-ku and Ben Wright of 823 that sees photographers from around the world connect with people in their community.  Some 200 participants from Bangkok to Brooklyn were invited to take part, shooting portraits of their neighbours on the same batch of expired 35mm film.

"Neighbo(u)r sought to push people out of their comfort zones; to talk to strangers, shoot with intention, and embrace the flaws, beauty and serendipity of the experience"
For the one night, 823 have erected a large scale gallery in their warehouse space to share these images and stories with the Perth community. Neighbo(u)r Journal – a 60 page newspaper publication – will also be released on the evening, along with a limited capsule of apparel and accessories.


Friday September 13, 5 - 8pm
61 Edward st, Perth

Tim Meakins, Low Energy, 2019.


The latest solo exhibition from Perth's own Tim Meakins arrives as a larger than life meditation on the social codes of masculinity. A succinct and incredibly endearing collection of work from one of our favourites of late. (Keep an eye out for his piece in the Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award opening later this month too).


September 7 - 28
Cool Change Contemporary, Perth



At this stage in the game, you'd be pretty safe in thinking that the barrels of proverbial ink used to pen words of praise for Wines of While have long eclipsed the total liquid volume of wine they've poured.

As such, we're kinda left without much else to add.

But here’s a newsflash for those who need the point driven home: those cannellini beans are the real deal. Deceptively decadent and remarkably honest. Proper comfort food that'll have your heart sing the moody blues.

Trust us when I say we’ll be front and centre brandishing pickets and grievances should they ever come off the menu. 

Tuesday to Sunday, from 12pm
Wines of While, Northbridge
$10 for the beans, another $3 for the freshly baked sourdough. 


Whilst the wildflowers are still only just starting to bloom, the tail end of Djilba is as good a time as any to see brooks a babblin' and falls a flowin' at many of WA's nature walk-cum-hiking trails. Just shy of Lesmurdie Falls and only 30 minutes outside of Perth, the 3.5 kilometre walk known as Whistlepipe Gully is no exception.

Beyond the wholesome fresh air of the hills you can expect lush greenery, a sweeping view overlooking the swan coastal plain, and the curious ruins of an exercise in Organic Architecture per Wallace Greenham. Perhaps the only thing working against it is the weird colonial name that reads as if it were borrowed from an Enid Blyton novel.

All year.
Whistlepipe Gully, Forrestfield

Outer Body with Interstellar Fugitives.

Looking for a club thing to fuck with this weekend?  
After taking a one month hibernation following July's hot and heavy "shaka alignment"; Outer Body returns to the fold for another party epoch worth chiseling into the calendar. Sashay to the open sachet of dance, lights, friends, lovers & other junk, under an illustrious roof of Connections Nightclub as they play host to a delightful order of auditory and visual Spice.

Featuring the singular sounds of Interstellar Fugitives (Melbourne) alongside a local foundation of support from Rok Riley, Thicc Boys, J .Hewitt, Pip, Claudia and Nattysito.

Friday 13 September, 10pm - 5am
Connections Nightclub.
Tickets and more info here.