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March pt. I

Things of worth happening around Perth. 
Here are but a few:

In the basement with Hieroglyphic Being


Jamal Moss has been at the forefront of Chicago's city's acid house and techno scene since the mid '90s. His noisy, abstract transmissions as Hieroglyphic Being speak to the complex and endlessly creative figure behind them - Moss has released over 30 albums and countless singles in a recording career that has its roots in the city's early club culture.

With inspiration from Ron Hardy's Music Box to Frankie Knuckles' Power Plant and beyond, Moss brings his vision of music and the club as a place for transformation and spirituality to Perth for the very first time this March.

Catch Mr. Moss, the Hieroglyphic Being himself, playing a massive 5 hour set from 11pm tonight in the basement of the Sewing Room. Big tip indeed.

Friday March 8, 11pm - dawn.
The Sewing Room, Perth



A truly stunning exhibition of photography from WA-expat Laurence Watts finally makes its way to Perth.

“Looking West”, is a documentary series that examines Australian Rodeo subculture. The work treats the Rodeo as a site in which to explore performative masculinity and the iconography of the Cowboy. It aims to destabilise notions of masculine identity by revealing its construction through social performance.

In particular, “Looking West” proposes that long after the West has been won, and the Frontier closed, the Cowboy exists as a set of visual ideals through which masculinity is articulated, utilising the sartorial and symbolic codes of the Western hat, boots, shirt and belt buckle.

Here, photojournalism neatly intersects with contemporary portraiture in a profound manner that immediately recalls Alec Soth's travels through middle America. 

Opening tonight at Perth Centre For Photography, with artist talks from 5pm.
More information here.

Image © Laurence WattsLaurence Watts, Mansfield, 2018

March 8 - April 6.
Perth Centre For Photography, Perth


Detail from Connor Xia, Melting Point, 2019.


Immediately pertinent to our interests is Folding Together; a celebration of the diverse publishing pursuits of several artists who share a connection to Perth and Western Australia. Nested within Gallery 1 at Cool Change Contemporary, this temporary library and reading space will give visitors the opportunity to read and enjoy a variety of publications such as Leonie Brialey’s ‘Psychic Hotline’, Sophie Durand’s ‘The Hungarian Vignettes’, Connor Xia’s ‘Melting Point’, Janet Carter’s ‘Companion Animal’, Robert Cook and Matt Hunt’s ‘Acquittal Report’, and many more.

Zines and artists books take on a variety of forms – often they are the product of community engagement; sites of political discourse; journals of intimate confession and platforms for a diverse range of imaginative expressions. Embracing DIY, counter culture, collective practice and community, and using the zine as a strategic device for the projection of ideas, stories and experiences across vast distances and divides, this exhibition acts as a reflexive retrospective on the act of sharing and receiving knowledge. Cool Change invites you to engage the amassed collection, composed by some of Australia’s most exciting emerging and established artists. 

March 2 - 23
Cool Change Contemporary, Perth



Believe it or not, but there was once a time in the not-too-distant past when the amount of small bars in Perth could be counted on a single hand. Long before the arrival of specialty cocktail destinations boasting gimmicky themes and 400 iterations of a spirit no-one really gave a fuck about in the first place, came the small bar that could.

It was laid back, it was cool, and the fact that it was situated in a laneway covered in graffiti sadly meant that it drew a comparison to Melbourne approximately every 30 seconds. 
But it didn't matter. Because we all knew that the one thing that Ezra Pound managed to foster in and of itself was an intoxicating laissez-faire attitude that resonated far beyond its walls, permeating deep into our collective consciousness.

Anyhow, this is really just a very long-winded way of saying you really ought to re-acquaint yourself with one of the Perth's original 'small bars' some ten years on. So take a seat, loosen that tie, and quietly giving thanks that you don't have to hear some dead-shit one table over talking loudly about his favourite gin botanicals or whatever.

Chess Club take over Simmer Down

Friday March 8, 5pm - 12am
Ezra Pound, Northbridge

Kick-on FC


SPORT: It's not just a thing your parents made you do in service of their libidinal desire to get out of bed on a Sunday morning and drive all over the suburbs.

This year a big gang of ya mates have decided that they wish to traverse the ‘burbs and run around on a Sunday, playing soccer for a newly-formed side at Morley-Windmills Soccer Club. Starting with just two players three years ago and building to now nearly twenty, along with supporters the ‘Morley Ultras’ a.k.a ‘Cheese Board Crew,’ they’ve been building a little club community.

Club? Community? …Starting to sound familiar?

To kick things off for the new season, the Morley-Windmills G-Side is looking to raise some cash to cover the expenses of beginning from scratch. Uniforms, equipment et cetera. To do that, they’re throwing a little fundraising shindig, and the good news is that you don’t need to be a soccer fan 4 this one. 

With some of the local strikers behind events like Outer Body, Planet X, Methods of Movement, Peer2Peer and those outrageous Mojos kick-ons - there's more than enough reason to bust a gut and get downfield. Plus, did we the mention the very special raffle of prizes courtesy of Chicho Gelato, Wise Child Wine Store, Bobridge Cycle & Fitness Studio, Highgate Conti and more? 

Saturday March 9, 6pm - late.
Eton Street Gardens, North Perth
ENTRY BY DONATION - more info here.