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February pt. II

Things of worth happening around Perth. 
Here are but a few:


Camp Doogs 2019

Okay, so not strictly happening this week, but if you don't act now you'll definitely miss out by the time April does come around...

That's right - WA's favourite long-form, grass-roots celebratory festival of music and tent-pitching is back in its sixth in*car*nation for 2019!
If you know, you know. If you don't, there's a handy wikipedia page kicking around these days that can help you fill in the blanks. Tickets are on sale now and are already in their final release - don't say we didn't warn you.

April 5 - 7.
BalingupWA 6253


Photo: Rebecca Mansell

Idols - Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran & Renee So

Idolatry and mythological archetypes are reimagined in the ceramics and wall works of Ramesh Mario Nithiyendranand Renee So in Idols. Working primarily in figurative ceramics, both artists aim to challenge and overturn old perspectives on gendered power structures and the aesthetics of spiritualities.

Nithiyendran creates rough-edged, vibrant, new-age sculptures that are at once enticing and confronting. He experiments with form and scale in the context of figurative sculpture to explore the politics of sex, monuments, gender and religion. He draws on his Hindu and Christian heritage as reference points, as well as the internet, fashion and art history.

In hand-built stoneware sculptures and machine knitted textile works, Renee So also explores constructions of masculinity, femininity and gender-based power structures. Underpinning these works is a deep interest in the history of art, craft and design, and a deeply considered irony.

The pairing of So with Nithiyendran makes for an energetic ‘face-off’ about gender, power and their signifiers. You'd do very well to catch it in the flesh.

February 7 - March 31
Fremantle Arts Centre



Pack it in early this Friday night and spend Saturday doing wholesome things with your significant other, buddy, sibling or self - namely a trip to the beach followed by a scoop of gelato and some fresh pasta shopping at a coast side delicatessen that specialises in the stuff.

Marvel at the forms and finesse on display at Sal’s and be sure to seek some advice on the shapes best geared for the sauce that has you feelin' yourself the most.

Get there between 11 and 4 and you might be lucky enough to catch the Chicho Gelato cart parked out front with four flavours under the pozzetti lids - so scoop up with a lunchtime porchetta roll while you're there, why not?

Saturdays in February, 11am - 4pm
Sal's Pasta Deli, 44 Napoleon st Cottesloe.
From $5


Pressure creates diamonds. So too, perhaps, do some strict parameters set around creative endeavours. Given the time constraint of a 40 minute running time or less, what kind of gold do some of the world’s most aspiring / accomplished film-makers weave?

Enter the short film category of the Academy Awards; a medium so woefully under-appreciated that it is inevitably met with a collective ‘huh?’ each and every year the nominees appear on screen.
Buck that trend for 2019 and acquaint yourself with 
Jérémy Comte's Fauve - just one of the five nominees up for best live-action short and easily our favourite.

Sublime in both appearance and execution, Comte's 16 minute Sundance Award winner reads like a borrowed memory from a unexpectedly beautiful space; completely free of clumsy exposition but riddled with tension throughout.
It may just be the best 16 minutes you'll spend today, if not the bleakest. 

Watch from the comfort of your home - online here.


EDIT: The link to watch Fauve online has unfortunately been taken offline due to the impending awards ceremony.
We hope - and imagine - it will be restored after Monday's screening. Until then, the collective 'huh?' may just be inevitable after all.